Algo Bonito Showroom

The new Algo Bonito Showroom is the second renovation in the same neighborhood undertaken by our office for this dynamic fashion firm. The blend of activities that characterize the everyday office work includes frequent presentations and catwalk private events, together with constant meetings and informal lunches, all which demand a flexible open space capable of instant transformations typified by a young, casual character.

In an urgent intervention, carried out in just two weeks, the strategy had more to do with subtraction and erasure from the original condition of the space than with normal construction, achieving an unfinished look by default and insisting in the makeshift condition of much contemporary architecture in second hand spaces. A new set of five raw plywood furniture pieces shape the working areas in porous enclosures. A whole array of recycled objects populate this open plan, ranging from an old boiler from the previous showroom transformed into the kitchen’s table, to a set of diverse vintage ceiling lights and chandeliers, together with the picturesque amalgam of pipes and ducts revealed and left exposed.