San Martín

This complex is placed in an extraordinary location, strongly topographical and directly facing southwards towards Santander’s Bay, with stunning unobstructed views of the sea, and in a central area of the city which is currently undergoing a major redevelopment. Taking advantage of these unique conditions and with the intention of achieving a new degree of luxury standards for Santander’s residential market, a memorable architectural piece is proposed, combining the promise of a contemporary urban lifestyle with a dialectic exchange with the daily range of dramatic climatic phenomena to which the site is exposed. The complex, equipped with two restaurants, gardens, private swimming pools, parking facilities and fully glazed facades with bay-windows and terraces, resembles a huge crystal rock that has been slowly carved by the sea, the wind and the sunshine. The design is completed with the provision of 2.500 sqm of public park which will include a botanical garden devoted to native species.