Desert City

XL infrastructural construction between highway and forest, harboring twin oasis for cactus breeding and a mixed eco-cultural programme.

Algo Bonito Showroom

Architecture of the “unfinished” as a suitable paradigm at hand for staging a contemporary workplace that merges event, office and showroom space.

Puertochico Plaza & Market

First phase in the renovation and redevelopment of a city block that includes a traditional market, plaza and cultural centre.

San Martín

Geological crystal rock on the city’s waterfront turned into a public-private endeavor that includes housing, restaurants, public park & botanical garden, exploiting an outstanding setting.

Daily Mirror

Permanent installation hovering over pedestrians and intense traffic, reflecting and distorting movement and everyday life

La Casita Azul

Concept, design and curating programme for the only permanent architecture exhibition space in Madrid, in Plaza Cibeles.

Wanderer’s Lodge

A small pavilion in the midst of nature harboring an overlapping of functions and playfully relating itself with trees, light and water.

Ex House

Wooden prefabricated house in a pastoral setting. An urgent process aimed at revising the “commuter ideal” in a technological and post-rural context.

A23 House

Restoration and enlargement of a 1930´s semi-detached home. A new plot for a young family in an old envelope.

M-40 Housing

Critical reworking of the urban block which breaks selectively to allow porosity, views and the inclusion of a large green artificial mountain from recycled debris.

Low Cost Void

Contemporary park in the city’s outskirts, measuring itself against big infrastructural accidents and distant topographical references.

Peripheral Prototype N2

An exercise in density and complexity in a generic periphery. A possible model for the coexistence of social and generational diversity.


El equipo formado por Jacobo García-Germán, Pedro Urzaiz y Federico Soriano (Directores) + Raquel Díaz de la Campa, Paula Curras y Eduardo Castillo (Subdirectores y Editores), ha ganado el 1er PREMIO EN EL CONCURSO DE DIRECCIÓN Y EDICIÓN DE LA REVISTA ARQUITECTURA COAM, revista oficial del Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid (COAM) – “El […]

La Ermita Concept Store

Concept store for Delicatessen La Ermita we have designed a complete prototype flagstore for La Ermita’s new brand’s update, soon to be implemented in diferent enclaves…