La Casita Azul

Concept, design and curating programme for the only permanent architecture exhibition space in Madrid, in Plaza Cibeles.

Wanderer’s Lodge

A small pavilion in the midst of nature harboring an overlapping of functions and playfully relating itself with trees, light and water.

Ex House

Wooden prefabricated house in a pastoral setting. An urgent process aimed at revising the “commuter ideal” in a technological and post-rural context.

CF-Rock studios

Cellular studios for music rehearsal inside a disused warehouse, in a neighborhood now mutating its character through programmatic reinvention.

MM Magnet

Public space & water pavilion in one of the city’s main entrance axis. Synchronized private and public interests. A play with scale, movement and reflection.

A23 House

Restoration and enlargement of a 1930´s semi-detached home. A new plot for a young family in an old envelope.

M-40 Housing

Critical reworking of the urban block which breaks selectively to allow porosity, views and the inclusion of a large green artificial mountain from recycled debris.

Low Cost Void

Contemporary park in the city’s outskirts, measuring itself against big infrastructural accidents and distant topographical references.

Madrid Cultural Assemblages

The exhibition layout, with huge curtain-like images of cultural enclaves hanging from the walls and shot in one single day, reproduces an ideal stroll through the city.

XIX House

Emptying and cleaning up obstructions in a XIXth century building, achieving one large and flexible multi-purpose space.

Peripheral Prototype N2

An exercise in density and complexity in a generic periphery. A possible model for the coexistence of social and generational diversity.

Zoom Chicago

Pocket architecture exhibition in large rectangular tables that playfully mimic their Mies-container (Crown Hall) in their proportions and spatial qualities.

JGG interview in Expansión

Jacobo García-Germán was interviewed in Expansión (27/6/2014), leading economical newspaper in Spain, about the redefinition of the role of the contemporary architect in today’s society.


La Casita Azul 2: Práctica Global -Estudio Herreros. CentroCentro Cibeles, Madrid. Junio-Octubre 2014 Comisario y diseño La Casita Azul: Jacobo García-Germán Concepto: Juan Herreros, Jens Richter Dirección: Víctor Lacima Coordinación: Esteban Salcedo Fotografía: Jorge López Conde

Critic-all Congress ETSAM

I International Conference on Architectural Design & Criticism. ETSAM, 12-14 June 2014. More information:

Venice Workshop Summer 2014

El Departamento de Proyectos Arquitectónicos de la ETSAM ofrece 2 CRÉDITOS de libre elección + 10 BECAS PARA EL WORKSHOP: CITIES OF ART AND TOURISM VENECIA – 21 JULIO / 6 AGOSTO 2014 TEMA: El tema principal del Workshop es reflexionar sobre la relación entre el carácter de los espacios públicos de la ciudad de […]